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The optimisation of aero thermal performance requires an understanding of the stress, strain and vibration imposed on gas turbine blades, vanes, discs, casings and fabrications. Rotadata has developed special techniques and procedures to apply high temperature sensors and wiring onto static, rotating and reciprocating components. The instrumentation can be designed to operate at temperatures in excess of 1,000C, and at rotational speeds of up to 130,000 revolutions per minute.

Rotadata has a wealth of experience in the application onto rotating, reciprocating and stator parts, of a variety of sensors such as thermocouples, strain gauges, accelerometers, pressure transducers and their lead out wiring, for a whole range of pressure, temperature, environmental and high speed components located in aero engines, gas turbines, development and test rigs, wind tunnel models, automobile and marine engines, compressors and turbo chargers.

Our skilled technicians work closely with Rotadata customers to ensure all aspects of the strain gauge and thermocouple installation, including correct placement and orientation. Equally important is the planning of the routing of the sensor lead out wiring over the component or part being instrumented, to prevent or minimise damage or failure due to factors like centrifugal forces. Finally, the lead out of the sensor wiring is checked to avoid failure from the component. We are specialised in the design and application of sensors for many industries including sensor attachment to fixed, reciprocating, rotating engines and parts with the most stringent or aero-space standards being provided as routine.

We have successfully attached sensors to engine parts in the most harsh of environments including automobile engine cylinder heads, high speed turbochargers, rocket and missile components, power, industrial and aero engine gas turbines and combustors, railway carriage and locomotive stock, hydro power generators and a variety of heaters and coolers used in the power generation and petro chemical industries.


Our high temperature strain gauges are applied with either a Ceramic Cement/Bonding Agent or for the maximum temperature gauges we would apply Rokide™ A or Rokide™ HPA via an appropriate base coat.

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